Top Tips: How to Stay Happy when Renovating

As you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I have recently moved into a flat and am currently in the process of a complete renovation. Living in a space which is being completely renovated can be stressful and overwhelming but as this is one of the most exciting projects I have ever taken on, I am really trying to stay positive and enjoy the experience! I've put together my top five tips for staying positive during a renovation below:

1) Have one completely finished space

If possible, have one area completely finished. For me I chose to finish the bathroom first as it was the room which needed the least work. A simple paint, tidy, and purchase of some soft furnishings, and it was just as I hoped. Of course this doesn't need to apply to an entire room - it could be as simple as setting up a bedside table just the way you like it - as it is more the principle of having somewhere perfect amidst the chaos.

2) Make a plan

Have a clear idea of what exact work needs doing and write this down. I made huge lists of the work required in each room when the renovation first started which included even the tiny details. Even if I've only done something small such as paint a doorframe, crossing this off the list gives a real sense of achievement and makes it feel as though great progress is being made!

3) Enlist some help

Be it a friend, family member, partner or colleague, ask them to come and help! I have been carrying out the renovations with my partner and it is just amazing to have his support. Tasks such as painting go so much faster and there is something really lovely about stepping back together and admiring your handiwork.

4) Visualise the end result

Having a picture of what you are working towards is a great motivator. For me this is just imagining the rooms (and entire flat!) perfectly finished and casting my eye over catalogues for soft furnishing ideas. However to take it a step further I think this guide on A Beautiful Mess on how to draw a floor plan would be so lovely to create!

5) Take a break and get outside

Tempting as it is to keep powering through, sometimes it is far more beneficial to get out of the house and take a break from it all. If it all gets too overwhelming then a quick walk or a trip to the coffee shop can be just what I need to get back on track!

Has anyone else ever taken on a renovation project? I would love to know your tips! 

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